Female Orthodontist Holding Up Teeth Mold

Why Choose Us

We understand that the decision to invest in orthodontic care for yourself or your child is significant and certainly not made lightly. That is why we take pride in what we call the NDS Difference: Our commitment to providing caring, family-friendly treatment for each of our patients, from the first visit to the last.

Our commitment to our patients is evident in our use of the most advanced orthodontic technology available. Here are some of the latest techniques and technology we use:

  • No more impressions! Goopy alginate impressions used to make molds of teeth were one of the worst parts of getting braces. The latest 3D scanning technology has virtually eliminated the need to make impressions.
  • 3D printing reduces the cost of orthodontic appliances, like retainers. Old plaster models would break easily when used to make retainers, but using 3D printing, multiple retainers can be made from the same model. We can also virtually “move” teeth to create clear aligners (used for Invisalign) in our office, rather than having to send them out to a lab to be made.
  • Indirect bonding is a process that improves the accuracy of getting braces, but also makes the process more comfortable. Using 3D models of teeth, we virtually place the brackets on the teeth with amazing precision and accuracy. The 3D representation is then converted to a transfer tray which is used to place the brackets on teeth.

Our investment in the communities we serve is also a reflection of our commitment to our patients. You will often see Dr. Gajda and the NDS team sponsoring local sports and school activities, donating items for local fundraisers, and giving presentations at local elementary schools about the importance of oral health.

Discover the NDS Difference for you and your family. Call today to make your first appointment.